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Der Name des 2006 gemeinnützig anerkannten Vereins Digitalanalog e.V. ist zugleich sein Programm.

Seit 2002 werden auf Festivals und Konzerten Brücken zwischen handgemachter-analoger und elektronisch-digitaler Musik sowie zwischen U- und E-Musik geschlagen. Dabei spielen Audio- als auch Videokunst stets eine tragende Rolle und gesetzte Genregrenzen werden bewusst überschritten.

Neben dem jährlichen Festival in München organisiert Digitalanalog e.V. ein Kinderprogramm mit Schulprojekten und kostenfreie Workshops in Münchens Stadtvierteln.

Audio/visual music festivals and more.  Electronic and independent music, visuals, performance, literature, fashion, design, digital and club culture all come together. Digitalanalog would like to build bridges between related divisions and discover points of contact between them. The organizers not only seek out new impulses for a new pop culture that, as interfaces between U- and E-music, audio- and video-art, electronically generated and hand-made art, stylistically influence the fleeting moment between future and past. They also seek to observe the further development of such impulses, to give the respective artists a chance to assert themselves in front of a receptive audience.  Players of different scenes and genres offer up established, new and avant-gardist artistic experimentations and innovations, inviting us to join them in concerts, readings and discussion, amongst other things. Computerized event formats take on both what can be regarded as the traditional and the experimental, within which even normal household goods such as sewing machines, electric toothbrushes or toys are employed. The performances and live concerts are accompanied and interpreted by video jockeys. Video and light installations are designed to create a completely trans-spatial composition. „Digitalanlog“ is intended for an audience of all ages and scenes: for children there is a special children’s program.